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Wage Garnishment Defense

If your wages have been garnished, don’t worry. Our attorneys deal with these kinds of cases on a daily basis. We have successfully handled thousands of wage garnishment cases and are here to help you.

Credit Card Defense

If your debt is being pursued by a collector, it may result in a lawsuit. If you are being sued for unpaid credit card debt, call us today.

Debt Collection Harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) says debt collectors can’t harass, oppress, or abuse you or anyone else they contact.

Telephone Consumer Protection

Even if you owe the debt, collectors must abide by federal and local laws governing debt collection calls. If they don’t, you may be entitled to damages.

Identity Theft Defense

Did someone open an account without your permission? Are bill collectors calling for a debt you did not incur? This type of identity theft may entitle you to monetary damages.

Credit Reporting Errors

By law, your credit report must accurately reflect your account and payment history. A company that fails to fix a legitimate error on your credit report may owe you damages as a result of credit report inaccuracies.

Vacate Default Judgment

If a judgment was entered against you unfairly, you may be entitled to have the judgment set aside and have your day in court.


Have you asked to be placed on a company’s do not call list and the company keeps calling you? If telemarketers don’t honor your do not call request, they may owe you damages.


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